About Us

At this young age,  each child has a very unique volume of knowledge.  Some children may already be reading a little,  while others may have not been exposed to letters and numbers yet.  In order to ensure that our curriculum offers each child a targeted, individualized education, Clear Path Learning Center uses a reading placement tool. This tool determines the student’s reading skill through a series of game-like assessments that end when the student struggles. After being tested, students are placed at one of nine pre-defined placements in sequence. Note that students will always see the Phonological Awareness instruction from Waterford,  from the beginning, unless they master every placement assessment.

Each child will also be issued Preschool Prep DVD’s to help with learning at home,  at their level.  With just an hour or so of movie watching each day,  you’ll be amazed at what your child can learn!

In order to offer the most progressive and comprehensive curriculum,  Clear Path Learning Center utilizes every possible form of delivering new knowledge, ideas and concepts to your child.  Each child will spend time putting pencil to paper, experiencing multiple textures and surfaces.  Children will also spend time using a computer,  learning skills that will be necessary in kindergarten and navigating exciting games designed to teach math, science, English and more!  As an exciting bonus,  each child will spend time using an Ipad that is loaded with progressive and intuitive games designed to give their open minds the concepts that will one day lead to writing computer code,  comprehending slice fractions, problem solving through engineering, understanding algorithms and much more!!  These seem extraordinary,  but each is presented as a fun and simple game that progressively teaches the underlying concepts for GREAT LEARNING!!!